Amadin Studios unites seasoned professionals in Visual effects and 3D animation. Our production team includes over 40 talented experts: digital designers, visual artists, video producers, animators, 3D modelers.

VFX and Motion Graphics

We do compositing, matte painting, animation and rendering with Nuke, Maya, Renderman and Mental Ray. Commercials production, TV shows design and credits for feature films. We create special effects for films and music videos. Color correction, tracking/stabilising, after-touch and complex adaptations.


Our 2D/3D CG department creates everything from set extensions and immersive photo-real environments, to fully modeled and rigged characters.

The highest-qualified 3D masters, working with all kinds of 3D animation are about to create the works of exceptional quality .

Game Art and Animation

We are big fans of gaming. We are focusing on delivering a wide variety of cutting-edge 3D content both low-poly and high-poly 3D models of different complexity and assignment, which fully satisfy the requirements of our clients.


Game levels make game the one that is easy to get fascinated of - it is about game life, the development of the plot, player’s motivation to play, and thus - the sense of a game. Our artists craft levels of all types and styles, to never let the fascination of your game go


Our game designers give birth to unique and lively game characters that seem to have their own personas. 3D models we create behaves and moves like living creatures giving players a feeling of maximum reality during the interaction with characters.

Music composing

We have a fully-equipped studio for music composing.

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